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At Amercast, we have the perfect trench drain grate and trench drain system for any project. We streamlined the industry to design and manufacture high-quality, cost-effective trench drains. With a little information about your project, we can guarantee to find you the right trench drain to get the job done.
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What Is A Trench Drain?

A sidewalk trench drain and patio drain prevents water from pooling in slopes. If a sidewalk slopes down towards steps, water will pool at the bottom of the steps, so there will not be a place for the water to drain. Adding a trench drain will provide an extended surface the water can follow through to a drain. It is basically a gutter that is set where water collects, such as, below a roof edge, a sidewalk, a driveway, or a similar area. At Amercast, not only do we design and manufacture trench drains, but we also distribute them, making things cost-effective, easy, and efficient.

Main Uses of Trench Drains

Also known as surface drains, trench drains are mainly used to channel pooled water so it does not seep through your home’s foundation and cause any damage. Trench drain systems are usually installed where risks of water pooling are high. When it rains, if your backyard patio is sloped toward your house foundation, the water will have nowhere to run, so it will get trapped between your patio and the foundation wall. If a seem runs along the contact edge, the water most likely will sweep aside from the basement wall and cause damage to the foundation. But, if you install a patio drain right along the base, it provides a channel that redirects the water to a safer location. This ensures the water will not damage anything.

Why Install a Trench Drain?

Porous Quality Soil

Drainage issues can occur from dense porous soil quality, meaning the soil cannot absorb water. This issue can lead to stormwater threatening to flood your property. The best way to deal with drainage issues, so that your landscape will not get swamped and inevitably suffer, is to channel the rainwater with a shallow trench drain system professionally designed and installed. Not only will this system protect your landscape and property, but it will also prevent soil erosion from the standing water.

Architectural Landscape Design Lacks Proper Drainage

Another thing that can lead to drainage issues is the lack of proper drainage when designing structures. Sometimes architects do not consider drainage when designing landscapes, or sometimes, what they thought would work as proper drainage, is not conducive. Neglecting drainage issues such as this can be a costly mistake. It is essential that runoff from stormwater is properly channeled. Having the proper trench drain system installed can protect your landscape and property from damages caused by standing water and soil erosion.

Low Elevation Properties and High Water Tables

Properties built on low elevation platforms or flat exterior environments are at risk of off-site runoff. Thus, high water tables can be inundated by off-site runoff as well. This can lead to parts of your property being waterlogged, which could block access to walkways, driveways, and entrance areas. An appropriate trench drain system that is well-designed can help prevent this from happening by channeling water away from areas where it will create problems, keeping your property water-free and accessible.

Excessive Rainwater

Even the most well-maintained landscapes can be inundated during wet weather when it rains excessively, and the water has no proper outlet. During these times, it is not unusual to experience a wet, muddy yard, or patio. Rainwater may also get collected around the edges of pavements or flow into a swimming pool, causing it to overflow and create major problems. This can all be prevented with a 2 foot long and 4 to 6 inches wide trench drain that will provide a place for the water to be drained through subsurface pipes.

What is Trench Drains Made of?

Trench drains are made with a wide variety of materials, including galvanized steel, plastic, cast iron, polymer, and HDPE. They are also available in various design options to match your settings. The trench drain you choose will mainly depend on where it will be used. If the slot drain will be used in traffic areas, then it will require a strong sub-structure and grate capable of channeling water to a safe drainage area.
These drainage applications are used to collect and carry water from one point to another. The parts included in a typical trench drain system are:

      • a grate
      • a channel
      • an end outlet
      • an end cap

After installed, these parts will be beneath the surface where they cannot be seen.

Choosing the Right Trench Drain

There are a few things to consider when choosing a trench drain for your property.

Load Capacity

The load rate is classified into light, medium, and heavy load classes and is determined by the weight the trench drain will have to withstand.

Traffic Type

Traffic types include pedestrians, cars, trucks, etc. Keep in mind, that heel proof grates and ADA slot styles are required for pedestrians, so shoes will not get stuck.

Drain Sizing

Drain sizing is typically 4” to 8” depending on flow rates, water expectancy, and land size.

Grate & Channel Selection

Select the grate & channel from heavy-duty concrete, cast iron, HDPE, polymer, or stainless steel.

Site Conditions

Site conditions are important for deciding which channel material to use. Stainless steel is great when dealing with caustic agents, chemicals, and extreme temperatures. If you are looking for something that does not rust, then go for galvanized steel. For interior and exterior general purposes, cast iron works best.


Grates are based on load-bearing, user requirements, water flow expectancy, and site. They are made in stainless steel, cast iron, polymer, and more. While polymer works best for pedestrians, galvanized steel and cast iron are suitable for vehicles.

How to Install a Trench Drain

Before you begin, you will need to cover any areas that may be impacted by flying rock, soil, or other debris. You will need to dig up an opening big enough for your trench drain. This may involve cutting through asphalt or concrete or digging through turf, soil, or gravel. Put the pieces in place that connect to a waterway, storm sewer, or another area the water will be channeled to. After you have the drainage system in place, connect it to the trench drain, while installing it, and then install the grates. Finally, just clean up your mess. You will now have an effective tool for removing water to prevent pooling and floods.

Who We Are?

Swiftdrain is a top provider of the most cost-effective trench drains in the industry. Our slot drain systems are the best choice for pedestrian areas and sidewalk spaces around the home, parks, or other infrastructure. With a wide variety of comprehensive trench drains available, you will find the perfect drainage system to meet your needs. We also provide technical support, custom designs, and top of the line products that comprise reinforced fiber concrete channel systems, HDPE, and more.

How to Get A Detailed Price Quote

You can always contact us to discuss your needs, and we will do everything we can to help. We have experts in the industry who will work with you to complete your trench drain project and help you choose the right products. To get a detailed quote, fill out our online form, with the requested details about the trench drain you need. Include the width of the trench drain and how many feet you need. Next, add your contact details to include your email address and phone number, and we will get back to you promptly to discuss your options, go over viable solutions, and provide you with a reasonable quote.

Our Guarantee

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