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Heavy Duty Trench Drain Catalog

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We strive to bring the best customer service, the lowest prices and the fastest turn around in the trench drain industry.  Projects can be short on time and you don’t want to be shopping prices from vendor to vendor. You want a reliable product at the right price.  We’ll find you a solution without going over budget.

Whether it’s a few replacement grates or a couple of hundred feet, we got you covered. Give us a call today for a free project quote and product information. If it’s a size or a product your having trouble finding you came to the right place.  We stock the widest selection of sizes and if we don’t have it, we’ll make it- in under a week

We offer the widest selection of trench grates, trench drain systems, decorative grates in cast iron, ductile iron, bronze, steel and aluminum. Our trench drains can be found in tunnels, loading docks, driveways, breweries, processing plants and much more.

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Below are some common municipal standard sizes.  We stock and carry nearly all sizes so if you don’t see it below shoot us an email at or give us a call at 516-624-8543.

Small Trench Drain Grates 3″ – 12″


All Trench Grates are available in plastic, cast iron, ductile iron and steel. Corresponding drainage channels are also available.
All grate styles are available, including ADA, Decorative, Slotted and Solid.

Complete Trench Drain Systems

Our trench drain systems offer water management solutions for any application.  We have sloped and non sloped drains in plastic, HDPE, steel, cast iron and aluminum.  ADA compliant grates suitable for pedestrians, cars and trucks. The channel is made of polypropylene allowing top durability at extreme temperatures. The product offers interlocking channel lengths enabling for fast and easy installation.

Large Trench Drain Grates 14″ – 51″


All AmerCast Large Trench Grates conforms to ASTM 48 Class 30B or 35B Specifications.
Additionally, Trench Grates can be furnished in grey iron, ductile iron, steel or plastic.


Product Overview


Trench Drains are linear drainage systems used to catch and convey water and other liquids. Often made of cast iron, steel or polymer grates and a channel consisting of an enhanced concrete, stainless steel, cast iron or polyethylene. Trench Drains are used in a variety of different commercial and residential applications.


How to select the right trench drain? When selecting the right trench drain, the following factors should be considered: Load bearing- How much weight will the trench drain need  to bear. Load is classified into different load classes (light, medium and heavy). Choosing the appropriate load capacity is determined by the type of traffic.


  1. Type of traffic- pedestrians, cars, trucks, forklifts airplanes and wheel load
  2. Drain sizing- Depending on expected flow rates, most drains will be 4”, 6” or 8”.
  3. Channel Selection- Choose the right channel with heavy duty enhanced concrete, HDPE, cast iron, stainless steel and pvc options.
  4. Grate Selection- Choose the right grate with different material, size and slot style options Material- cast iron, ductile iron, stainless steel, hdpe, polyethylene, galvanized steel, bronze, fiberglass  


Residential Trench Drains – Drains are an integral part of any home. A good drainage system will keep the house free from water accumulation caused by improper slope that can result in foul smell, seepage and mold. During spells of excess rainfall many residences face the problem of water accumulation in their foundation, basements, driveways and yards. Not only does it look unsightly, it can ruin the landscape and cost a fortune to get the damage repaired. Residential trench drains serve the purpose of removing surface water from storm water runoff and excess rainfall by diverting it effectively from areas prone to flooding. Why use Residential Trench Drains? Trench drains are so versatile that using it for residential application is as easy as it comes. With a wide variety of sizes and patterns to choose from, trench drains are no more eye sores in an otherwise lovely landscape. Trench drains can be customized based on individual Materials used to make trench drains are strong with high compressive strength and low porosity such as cast iron, steel, polymer concrete and fiberglass. They are easy to assemble within a trench and need to be set in concrete to help attain integrity required for a good drainage system. Trench drains can be used within the house such as in the shower room, indoor garden, external kitchen and porch. Trench drains can be used outside the house for swimming pools, gardens, downspouts, barns, outhouse, driveways and sidewalks.  


Commercial Trench Drains While drainage is commonly associated with runoff from rainfall, it is equally applicable in commercial establishments such as food processing units, chemical factories and vehicle service centers. Industries that utilize processes that require the use of cleaning agents need to have a good drainage system in place. Surface storm water runoff near commercial establishments such as offices, warehouses and parking areas also need to be managed in order to prevent clogging of storm water drains. Why use Commercial Trench Drains? Commercial trench drains are available in a number of visually appealing decorative designs. These trench drains are eco-friendly and adhere to safety norms such as Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Public places such as parks, pools and water fountains utilize decorative commercial trench drains and grates that adhere to ADA for the benefit of pedestrians and tourists in order to enable them to walk over freely. These trench drains with decorative grates are also great for use near office buildings and businesses. Parking areas also require trench drains and should be installed in such a way that vehicles never run over the length of the grate. It is a good idea to install trench drains in warehouses that store goods. Excess rainwater or storm water runoff can be easily directed away from the warehouse by installing trench drains on the periphery. Industrial units that run manufacturing processes utilizing water need a good drainage system to eliminate the excess water. Some industrial processes also require the use of strong cleaning agents to get rid of manufacturing by products. These cleaning agents should be directed away from the working area to prevent contact with or inhalation of harmful fumes by workers. Commercial trench drains ensure that hygienic conditions are maintained in the facility at all times and Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) requirements for workers are also met. Trench drains also prevent percolation of harmful chemical residue to the ground because of the low porosity of the drain material used.

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