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Septic Manhole Covers

Septic Manhole Covers

Cast iron septic manhole frame and covers are the go to solution for septic cover applications. Our septic frame and covers are 24” round by 3” high.  These light duty frame and covers can be furnished with two stainless steel bolts for added security.  The bolts act as locking mechanisms allowing the cover to be fastened to frame and easily removed when servicing needs to be done.  The two stainless steel bolts are placed equidistant from each other and lock the cover to frame.

Cast Iron septic covers can be marked with “Septic” or be furnished plain. Custom covers can also be furnished with family names, company logos or with anything to go give the surrounding area an extra accent.  ADA (American with Disabilities Act) Covers can also be furnished.

Light duty septic covers are 3” high and rated for pedestrian traffic.  In recent years, composite, plastic and rubber counterparts have been introduced in market.  Cast Iron and Steel is still the go to industry standard as it lasts longer, has an added layer of security and looks more aesthetically pleasing.  The cover comes furnished with a rubber gasket to ensure the unit is watertight.  The last thing anyone wants is for water to through the septic cover or material from the septic cover to flow out.

Septic manhole frame and covers can be furnished unpainted or coated with black bituminous paint.  This coating acts adds anti oxidation properties to the product to it doesn’t rust.  Other options are also available to make the cover look more aesthetically pleasing such as galvanized or bronze finishes.

Cast Iron septic covers can be purchased individually or by the pallet (10 to a pallet).  The dimensions are as follows. The height of the frame and cover is 3”, the circumference is 24”.

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