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Custom Manhole Cover

Custom Manhole Covers

Custom Manhole Cover

At American Cast we have been making custom manhole cover since 1986.  We take particular pride and care when customizing logos, city slogans, university mascots and much more.  The process is quite simple.  Our clients come up with a design they would like to be made on the cover and send it to us.  Once we get the design our graphic designers will make a CAD (computer animated design) drawing or specification drawing of the design on the manhole cover.  Once a final CAD is approved is where the fun starts.

The CAD (computer animated design) gets sent to our pattern maker where a pattern or mold gets made.  With this pattern we mass produce each manhole frame and cover with the design and logo.  We’ve made some interesting custom manhole covers through out the years from compass designs, oreo designs and different designs bearing city slogans.  Custom manhole covers aren’t as expensive or time consuming as one would think.  We’ve perfected the technique for almost 3 decades.

Whether its a city slogan, university team, company logo or anything you would like to give your campus or parking lot some extra aesthetic feel, give us a call today and we can design the custom manhole cover that suits what you are looking to do.

Custom manhole covers can be furnished with frames or as replacement manholes covers.  This lessens the overall scope of the job as you just pop the existing manhole out and replace it with the new design.  Custom covers can also be furnished ADA (american with disabilities act), bolted for extra security, water tight and with different modifications to for any specification. Give our design team a call today to go over different design options and project requirements.  We’ll design a manhole cover for you, free of charge.

We offer complimentary computer animated designs for manhole covers, whether you choose to proceed or not!

Give us a call today at 516-624-8543 or email us at to discuss your options.  Manholes can be cast in gray iron, ductile iron and fabricated in steel

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